The Department

Berrian Velfarren's Eladrin Host (Epilogue)


  • 600 XP each (300 encounter, 300 quest: Find Analastra)
Lady Eladrin in the Dark (Epilogue)


  • 425 XP each (425 encounter)
  • 2 displacer beast pelts. 2 displacer beastie neck slot or leather armor at one level discount at level up
Barracks (epilogue)


  • 350 XP each (350 encounter)
Hall of Glory (epilogue)


  • 312.5 XP each (312.5 encounter)
Heroes' Gate (epilogue)


  • 275 XP each (275 encounter)
The Secret Stair (epilogue)

Having dealt with the angels and harpies, the party takes a short rest and looks for loot while Sir Oakley examines the temple.

Though the roof is half collapsed and the building is blackened with soot and decay, some hint of its ancient grandeur still shines through in the abbey’s great temple. Mighty columns rise into the shadows beneath the crumbling roof, lifting the eye toward the heavens. Smaller pillars of graceful shape and elegant decoration hint at the temple’s lost beauty. Altars to several different gods surround a toppled and broken statue.

A pool of clear water stands near the south entrance of the temple. The water is bitterly cold, like the freezing breath of Bahamut. A character who drinks of the water, however, gains a temporary blessing of clarity: Once before the character takes an extended rest, as a free action, he or she can reroll a single d20 roll with a +2 bonus. The character must use the result of the reroll. A character can gain this benefit from the pool only once.

Heaps of filthy cloth and fur fill the northeastern suite of chambers. The harpies have decorated the area by pushing gold coins into foul-smelling matted feathers and droppings that litter the area (1,600 gp in all). The whole area glimmers when lit, creating the impression that the walls and floor are made of gold.

A hidden niche in Bahamut’s altar contains a card from the Deck — The Idiot.

After praying at the altar, Sir Oakley raises his arms high in the air and begins to intone the first words of the ritual that will drive the darkness from this sacred place. As he does so, something seems to stir at the edge of your senses. The air grows still and wisps of shadow leach from the walls.

“It is as I suspected. I cannot perform the ritual of purification without the temple’s sacred vessels. Our next task, then, is to find them: a chalice, a bowl, and a brazier. In all my research, I have found no mention of those items appearing outside the abbey, so I believe they are still here somewhere. It is only a matter of finding them and bringing them to me.”

Having successfully escorted Sir Oakley to the Temple, the party must now Gather the Sacred Vessels.


  • A drink of holy water granting a one-time d20 reroll with a +2 bonus
  • 1600 filthy gold pieces, cleaned by robot (Toomba?) and holy water
  • The Idiot
  • 638 XP each (388 encounter, 250 quest)
The Secret Stair

Market day arrives, and the party completes their preparations.

When visiting Thair Coalstriker, the party met the blacksmith’s uncle who’d fought at the fall of the Abbey 150 years ago. He remembered seeing Nicholas Kalton lead a sortie into the vaults beneath the Hall of Glory, holding Moonbane high. The old dwarf thinks recovering the ancestral blade of House Kalton could restore the title and lands to the wielder.

The old farmer who provided the horses made a big deal about supplying ‘the Lords of Kalton Manor’ with horses, and a stern woman overheard and approached the party. She introduced herself as Alira Vond, and told tales of the depravity of the Knights of the Abbey, and promised a reward for the retrieval of some ancient heirlooms.

The party departed Winterhaven with Sir Oakley and a caravan of merchants headed back East. On the second day, they split off from the caravan and head across country to seek the secret stair the Paladin suggested as a route in. Dr. Karl “found” the stairs with the usual aplomb, and the party camped at the base of a bluff shielded from view.

In the morning, the party takes the stair to the plateau, known as Dragon’s Roost. Sir Oakley points out four structures: the Hall of Glory, the Temple, the barracks, and the Gate of Heroes.

The Hall of Glory seems to have a serious spider problem.

The ground around the barracks is disturbed, and given the state of the walls, it looks like the foundation’s been ruined. Nurm recognized the furrows and mounds of earth as indicative of bulette activity — an adult, by the looks of it.

The Gate of Heroes has a dinosaur in it. If you were to take the building, Nurm thinks he could get a good look at the abbey and draft up the survey Padraig asked for.

The party chose to go straight for the temple, where they encountered a couple of deranged harpies and a trio of angelic enforcers. The temple feels ‘off’ — whatever effect that has maddened the harpies clouds Mikal’s sensitivity to fate and divination.

Welcome to Scenic Winterhaven

On the trail of The Deck of Many Things, the party takes a Hellevator shortcut. Things do not go well, and the session opens up with the party in parlay with a chain-covered devil named Morlereth.

The devil agrees to spare the party and let them pass through his domain for the low, low price of a single soul. Luckily, Don Ciccio happened to have a strange glass jar containing the soul of his uncle. Don Ciccio struck a deal with Morlereth — to collect 7 souls in a year and a day. The demon presented him with a special dagger to collect these souls. If Don Ciccio is successful, the devil will return his uncle’s soul to his care.

With the bargain struck, the party was allowed to pass through the devil’s domain to a portal that deposited them on a hilltop south of Winterhaven. Once the party got their bearings, they proceeded up the road and made it into town just before the gates were closed for the evening.

The party engaged in some banter with the innkeeper, Salvana Wrafton, over mutton stew and discovered that they are not the only people in town interested in investigating Gardmore Abbey — in fact, they weren’t even the only people in the room with such a hobby. Salvana introduces them to Sir Oakley, a Paladin of Bahamut.

Over a round of milk, Oakley explains that he seeks an escort into the ruins of Gardmore Abbey and to the temple on Dragon’s Roost. He offers a reward of 2,000GP once he is able to purify the temple. The party accepts, as they’re headed that way, anyway. The knight explains that he has a few matters to attend to in town, but that he plans on leaving after the next Market Day, so as to escort any traveling merchants at least as far as the Abbey.

In the meantime, the party pokes around town and asks some questions and meets some locals. Eventually, they have a meeting with Lord Ernest Paedraig, who would like to hire them to scout the Abbey — an orc tribe has taken up residence and is causing trouble on the roads. Unfortunately, they’re not causing enough trouble, and Paedraig doesn’t think he can muster support for an assault without a good plan and knowledge of the foe. He offers 300GP up front, with another 300GP to be paid upon their assessment of the orcs’ defenses, including a map of the abbey and some indication of the orcs’ numbers. The party accepts.

With preparations made, the party awaits Market Day for some final provisions, including some horses to pull a wagon they unearthed from a halfling’s overstuffed shed.


The party discovers they’ve accidentally stabbed Dr. Karl due to ghost mischief. Then, they beat up a ghost. The ghost seems confused as to what the party is doing in the house, and implores them to meet him in the basement. He looks like the person the party killed in their dream-freakout.

The party has to clear rubble out of the way, but makes it into a room very similar to the room from their dream. It seems to have seen centuries of disuse. There is a thing on the North wall that is an elevator. The party summons it, it contains a helpful duergar. He is happy to take the party ‘down below’. Either way, he must be tipped: One life. The party says ‘no way’ and kills him, but wind up monkeying with the elevator and gets trapped within.

LOOT: Rod of Seven Parts

First Night

Last night, the party camped on the north banks of the White River, just upstream from the dam that does double-duty as a ford on the old road to Kalton Manor. It used to do double duty as a bridge, but the sluices have long since been clogged by muck and silt.

The party arrived at Kalton Manor late in the afternoon. Yesterday’s journey had been frustrating. The sky has been threatening rain for days, which is one thing. Waiting until the caravan of wagons cleared Harken Forest to make good on the promise is another, entirely. Waiting until the dark just before dawn to begin the downpour? That’s just mean.

After a breakfast of cold leftover whatever, the party set to crossing the river at the ford. Swollen with rain, the river strained at its banks and poured over the dam. Working carefully, the caravan made it safely across — save one wagon that plunged over the edge into the slower-moving waters below. Tempers flared, but the decision to press on to the manor and come back for the wagon once everyone had a proper rest was deemed sound.

Pressing on up the road to the Manor, thanks are offered to whatever fortune the Lord Kalton spent on infrastructure. The road is made of smooth stone, and well-fitted together. With scrublands and brush to the left, and a bluff overlooking the White River’s run into Fens to the right, the party climbs up the hill to the manor.

As the sun begins to set over the Ogrefist Hills, an outcropping of the Harken Forest approaches the road, and the road coyly winds around it, bending to the south. As you round the bend, the manor looms before you, starkly lit by reds and oranges from the west. It sits on a formation of dark stone that juts out from the forest. The roof is intact, the frame seems to sit square, and you couldn’t ask for a more solid foundation than the very bones of the earth. Unfortunately, the windows have long been smashed, the door has been kicked in and hangs awkwardly from it lower hinge.

This, then, is home.

The wagons are brought around behind a ruined tower, to what turns out to be the servant’s entrance. After a quick check of the house to make sure nothing is lurking or lairing, the most suitable room for sleeping is deemed to be the servant’s quarters on the first floor. There’s no windows, a good door, and a fireplace. The beds are ancient straw-stuffed affairs, but the the bedframes are solid enough. It’s been a week since you’ve slept on anything better than the cold ground, so there’s no complaining.

Something goes wrong on Dr. Karl McAllister‘s watch. The fire in the fireplace gutters and spits, nearly plunging the room into darkness, before flaring into a baleful, eldritch green. Backing away from the flames, Karl is shocked to bump into his friends — they should be sleeping! And yet, here they are, weapons drawn and expressions slack and emotionless. There’s enough time to cry out before they pin him to the table… and plunge a dagger into his chest. The three seem satisfied, then confused, then horrified.

The flickering flames in the fireplace take the form of an apparition who bellows ‘GET. OUT.’ — what else?


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